Using data for change: How to generate and use information from the real world, for the real world

The final webinar of 2019, "Using data for change: How to generate and use information from the real world, for the real world," occurred on Friday, 22 November. 

Brief description of webinar:

The webinar discussed accessible methods to collect information in settings where community-based or civil society organisations work, and ways to use them to leverage political change or generate political debate at the local and national levels.

The purpose of the webinar was to structure the thinking process and provide a planning rationale to enable participants to generate or contribute in generating the information that is relevant in their own settings.

Brief presenter bios:
Daniel Simões is a Psychologist working in the third sector in Portugal since 2004. He has been working GAT - Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos since 2011 in both project management and policy/advocacy activities and is co-coordinating the Community Based Testing Network in Portugal. He is an EATG member, and part of the Policy Working Group Steering Committee. Daniel is currently a research fellow in the Global Public Health PhD program, in the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto, in Portugal, co-chair of the EuroTEST Steering Committee and a member of the ETW Working Group.

Dr. Daniela Rojas Castro is a social psychologist and the Director of the Community Research Programme at Coalition PLUS in Pantin, France. She has her PhD in Social Psychology and Methodology and conducts research in an international community-based association that aims to improve not only the quality of life but also the rights of most-at-risk populations and PLWHA. Current research topics are PWID, elderly and HIV, interest and intention to take PrEP (Latin America, Europe and Western Africa), community-based testing (MSM and migrants), access to PEP, and identifying health needs of male sex workers.