Organisations in the European Testing Week Network

Total number of organisations in the ETW Network: 720

Since 2013, organisations throughout the WHO European Region have pledged to participate in European Testing Week and have formed a diverse network of community-based sites, healthcare facilities and public health institutions. We have gathered all past and current organisations who have ever signed-up for ETW to comprise the list of Organisations in the European Testing Week Network.

You can use this list to see who within your local community or country has ever participated in ETW. You can use this knowledge to gain inspiration, find collaborators and/or build your local network of ETW organisations.

You can access this list by clicking here. (This list will be manually updated regularly: Last updated 15 December 2022)

Active November 2023 Participating Organisations

Here you can view which organisations signed up to participate in the upcoming ETW. 

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Participants of the previous ETW campaigns

Here you can view which organisations who pledged to participate in the previous ETW campaigns.