European Testing Week 2023

European Testing Week is a European campaign that encourages partner organisations — in community, health care and policy institutions — throughout Europe to unite for one week twice a year to increase testing efforts and promote awareness on the benefits of earlier hepatitis and HIV testing. This initiative has progressed since its start in 2013 and has grown to be a widely recognised European event with hundreds of organisations participating every year. What once started as an annual event has now become a biannual event with two ETWs occurring each year in Spring (May) and Autumn (November). Each organisation volunteers their own time to organise their Testing Week activities and create incredible displays of a united effort to increase testing awareness at all organisational levels.

Now in its eleventh year, the European Testing Week initiative will host the Spring and Autumn ETWs on the following dates:

  • Spring ETW: 15-22 May 2023
  • Autumn ETW: 20-27 November 2023

The aim of the Spring and Autumn ETWs remains the same: to unite partner organisations throughout Europe for one week to increase access to testing and promote awareness on the benefits of earlier hepatitis and HIV testing.

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The European Test Finder is a website with a search function where users can find their nearest place to get tested and treated for HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis B and C; receive opioid substitution therapy and get tested for STIs.

We need your help to make sure as many sites across Europe as possible are included. If you represent a site providing any of the relevant services, please make sure to register with information about your services on the website here.

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