Closing the gaps on HIV self testing/sampling in Lithuania and Italy: Findings from INTEGRATE JA pilots

The ETW secretariat hosted a live webinar on Tuesday, 19 May from 16:00-17:00 CEST.

With the current global COVID-19 pandemic, interest for HIV self-testing/sampling has been rapidly increasing due to service closures and/or restrictions to in-person testing. However, in some countries, there exist gaps in knowledge on HIV ST/SS where they may not be widely known or easily available.

This webinar presented case examples from Lithuania (Asociacija Demetra) and Italy (Arcigay) where pilot activities were undertaken through the INTEGRATE JA to close the knowledge gaps to understand the HIV self-testing situation in both countries. These pilots implemented activities to assess awareness, usability, acceptability, availability and knowledge of self-tests and the findings were presented in the webinar.