European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 2017

Now in its fifth year and the third time hepatitis testing has been included, European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week will take place from 17-24 November 2017.

Testing week 2016 spanned the length and breadth of the continent with partners participating from over 50 European countries. Check out the live feed to see the organisations that have already signed-up to implement testing week activities in their country.

Click here to view the full list of people who signed-up for testing week 2017.

Already signed up

Infection hospital in Almaty


18 oktober 2017



18 oktober 2017



18 oktober 2017




This week’s activity

European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week stands with an alliance of NGOs to support the effort to encourage safer and voluntary testing among key and most affected populations.

"We recognise that ETW 2017 marks a significant step up in advocacy and action to challenge existing barriers to safe voluntary testing, both real and perceived, and to truly ensure nobody is left behind. Building on this unique opportunity, we are pleased to stand in solidarity with others representing or working with our peer-led country or regional networks, and with HIV/Hepatitis organisations to promote this vital testing campaign.”

Click here to read the joint statement. Also in Russian


Updated materials

The materials whave been updated to support your outreach around European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 2017. To access the materials click here.


Let us know what you're doing for European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week

Join us on Twitter and Facebook - share a post, like us or tweet with the hashtag #Eurotestweek to let us and our followers know what you are planning to do, or have done, to encourage people in your country to get tested.

We had 519 individuals sign up to European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 2016! Read the evaluation report here.


European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week

Testing week offers partners across Europe the opportunity to unite for one week to increase awareness of the benefits of HIV and hepatitis testing. European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week supports testing activities throughout the year.

To find out where you can have a test for HIV, hepatitis or other sexually transmitted infections across Europe use the European Test Finder below






Organisations and institutions that support European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week

Some of the largest international and pan-European organisations and institutions have demonstrated their support for the testing week. See full list».


ECDC welcomes the efforts of European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week to increase positive dialogue among those who ought to be tested for HIV and viral hepatitis and those who offer tests across Europe, in line with the ECDC Guidance on HIV testing.

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