Spring European Testing Week: 17-24 May 2019

European Testing Week is an European campaign that encourages partner organisations—in community, health care and policy institutions-- throughout Europe to unite for one week to increase testing efforts and promote awareness on the benefits of earlier hepatitis and HIV testing. This initiative has progressed since its start in 2013 and has grown to be a widely recognised European event with hundreds of organisations participating every year. Each organisation volunteers their own time to organise their Testing Week activities and create incredible displays of a united effort to increase testing awareness at all organisational levels.

Now in its seventh year, the European Testing Week initiative will hold its second Spring European Testing Week! 

The first pilot for #SpringTestingWeek was conducted in May 2018 in collaboration with the European Liver Patients' Association and the Integrate Joint Action with great success, therefore, there will be a second Spring Testing Week from 17-24 May 2019! 

The aim of the Spring and Autumn ETWs remain the same: to unite partner organisations throughout Europe for one week to increase access to testing and promote awareness on the benefits of earlier hepatitis and HIV testing. 

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Not sure where to start? Check out our Success Stories page of past ETW partner’s activities. You can also check out our Materials page to help get you started and thinking about how you would like to participate.

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Pubilc Health Institute


17 april 2019

Charitable fund "Humanitarian Action"


17 april 2019

Cy Checkpoint - AIDS Solidarity Movement


16 april 2019




Results from the Feedback Survey

During August 2018, we conducted a brief five question survey asking #EuroTestWeek participants to provide insight on their interests for #EuroTestWeek 2018 including questions on key groups, new ideas, support from the ETW Working Group and other focus areas.

You can review the results here


European Testing Week

Testing week offers partners across Europe the opportunity to unite for one week to increase awareness of the benefits of HIV and hepatitis testing. European Testing Week supports testing activities throughout the year.

To find out where you can have a test for HIV, hepatitis or other sexually transmitted infections across Europe use the European Test Finder below






Organisations and institutions that support European Testing Week

Some of the largest international and pan-European organisations and institutions have demonstrated their support for the testing week. See full list».


ECDC welcomes the efforts of European Testing Week to increase positive dialogue among those who ought to be tested for HIV and viral hepatitis and those who offer tests across Europe, in line with the ECDC Guidance on HIV testing.

Hepatitis B & C Public Policy Association
IAS (International AIDS Society)