Spring European Testing Week 2019: 17-24 May


The first pilot  #SpringTestingWeek occurred in May 2018. With the success from the first pilot, the #EuroTestWeek initiative, in collaboration with the European Liver Patients' Association (ELPA) and the INTEGRATE Joint Action, has announced the second Spring European Testing Week which will take place on 17-24 May 2019.

You can read results from the 2018 pilot Spring ETW presented at the 2018 European Harm Reduction Conference here.

What is Spring European Testing Week?

#SpringTestingWeek serves as another opportunity during the year to support ETW's main aim: to increase access to testing and increase awareness of the benefits of earlier testing for hepatitis and HIV. 

The aim of #SpringTestingWeek is to promote wide-scale testing and related awareness activities with a focus on integrated activities for infectious diseases including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), in addition to viral hepatitis and HIV as a way to complement the Autumn (November) campaign. 

#SpringTestingWeek is not replacing the Autumn European Testing Week that occurs during the last week of November. The European Testing Week initiative will still carry out Testing Week in November 2019.

When is it?

The Spring European Testing Week is from 17 - 24 May 2019.

Who can participate?

All interested organisations, at the local and national level, can sign up to participate. There is no minimum requirement for partcipation. 

It is not a requirement to participate in #SpringTestingWeek, you can participate in whichever ETW (Spring or Autumn) that you prefer. 

How can you get involved?

Registration to participate is now open! Sign up on the ETW website here.

There are many activities that you and your organisation can do for the Spring Testing Week.They can include activities such as:
  • Awareness raising activities for key populations at higher risk
  • Hepatitis and/or HIV testing outreach activities for key populations
  • Promotion of combined testing at your site, on social media and much more.

If you need some inspiration for your #SpringTestingWeek activities, check out our success stories page!

Monitoring & Evaluation

Your participation would also mean closely monitoring and evaluating your Spring ETW activities. We will rely on your feedback during the post-Spring ETW evaluation. Check back here at the end of Spring ETW for the link to the online evaluation survey. 
You can access the online survey here: https://is.gd/2019SpringETW  
Additionally, if you plan to do testing activities, we kindly ask you to provide testing data for the weeks before, during and after ETW.
You can download the testing data monitoring sheet here or submit your data through the online survey. 
Deadline to complete the online survey and submit testing data is 21 June 2019
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at eurotest.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk