Monitoring and Evaluation


Are you conducting testing for your 2017 #EuroTestWeek activities?

If so, we recommend you to monitor your testing rates before, during and after Testing Week. 

You can download and fill out our Testing Data Collection Form (now available in Russian) and use it to monitor the success of your Testing Week activities!

Once completed, please send your form to so that we may include your data in our evaluation!

If you want to learn how to evaluate your media activity, download Toolkit 7

We greatly appreciate your participation in this very important part in the success of European Testing Week 2017. 


Post-Testing Week 2017 Survey


It is also very important that you please fill out the post-Testing Week surveyThis survey provides detailed insight on the type of activities that you conduct for Testing Week and is incredibly valuable to us. It also helps to influence how we conduct future Testing Weeks. 

Even if you did NOT do Testing Week activities, we ask you to please fill out the first portion of the survey!