Spring European Testing Week 2020 - Special COVID-19 campaign


The COVID-19 pandemic (caused by SARS-CoV-2) has profoundly affected the world and the situation continues to evolve day to day. Considering this, the Spring European Testing Week (SETW), planned for 15-22 May 2020, will proceed with a primarily focus on virtual-based SETW-related activities.

This SETW 2020, we encourage:

  • Sharing experiences from the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infection fields to work in unison against COVID-19.
  • Continuing to remind the European community that HIV, viral hepatitis and STI prevention, testing, care and support services are essential services and must continue to be supported, especially during times of crisis.

This page is designed to provide you with useful resources including free downloadable materials, messages and statements related to COVID-19. It will also serve as an evolving space where you can share your experience with adapting your services in response to the global crisis. We will collect and share your examples within the network to showcase innovative ways to deliver services.

You can email your plans/activities directly to the secretariat at eurotest.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk or tag us on social media using @EuroTestWeek or our hashtag #EuroTestWeek

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SETW 2020 – COVID-19 Announcement

The announcement from the European Testing Week secretariat on the special SETW 2020 – COVID-19 campaign. Please take a few minutes to review the announcement here.


Online activities


The ETW secretariat hosted a live webinar on Tuesday, 19 May from 16:00-17:00 CEST.

With the current global COVID-19 pandemic, interest for HIV self-testing/sampling has been rapidly increasing due to service closures and/or restrictions to in-person testing. However, in some countries, there exists gaps in knowledge on HIV ST/SS where they may not be widely known or easily available.

This webinar presented case examples from Lithuania (Asociacija Demetra) and Italy (Arcigay) where pilot activities were undertaken through the INTEGRATE JA to close the knowledge gaps to understand the HIV self-testing situation in both countries. These pilots implemented activities to assess awareness, usability, acceptability, availability and knowledge of self-tests and the findings will be presented in the webinar.

You can view a video of the webinar below or click here

Country case example of adapted services during COVID-19

European Testing Week has organised various online activities and videos to help promote the 2020 Spring #EuroTestWeek. As part of these activities, we have gathered country case examples of how organisations throughout Europe have adapted their services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Miloš Peric, Program Coordinator at Asocijacija DUGA/Association RAINBOW in Serbia, presents how their organisation has been able to continue to provide in-person testing in accordance with government recommendations during the pandemic.



Ágata de Oliveira Baginha, a nurse at GAT - Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos in Portugal presents the steps they took in Portugal to continue to provide services for HIV, viral hepatitis and syphilis during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Czech Republic

Robert Hejzak  of Czech AIDS Help Society in the Czech Republic, presents how their organisation has adapted their services in Czechia and how HIV self-testing as played a role in maintaining HIV testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Beka Gabadadze of Tanadgoma - Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health presents on how a network of organisations in Georgia have utilised delivery services to provide prevention, testing and treatment for HIV, in addition to testing for HCV and harm reduction services during the pandemic.

Expert point-of-view on impact of service closures due to COVID-19

As part of our online activities, we asked experts in the HIV, viral hepatitis and/or STI field to share their thoughts and point-of-view on the impact of service closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic and their recommendations for services/communities/policy makers in the future. 

Ricardo Fernandes is working in the HIV field for more than a decade. He has a degree in Modern Languages and Literature from the Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon. He has been working in several Portuguese NGOs in the HIV field since 2000, mainly in project and services coordination. He is the Executive Director of GAT - Portuguese Group Treatment Activist on HIV / AIDS (GAT) - www.gatportugal.org. He is currently the Chair of the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG - www.eatg.org). Co-organiser of several Portuguese conferences and co-author of studies and articles mainly in stigma, diagnose and late presentation.

Campaign materials

All of the materials below and on our materials page are free and available for download. If you would like any of the materials translated into another language, please email us at eurotest.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk and let us know. 

SETW 2020 logos

Logo 1 – Spring European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 2020

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Social media images


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Communication messages


Similarly to past ETWs, please use the hashtags #EuroTestWeek and #TestTreatPrevent

Additionally, you can use the hashtags #COVID19

You can also tag our social media accounts on Twitter using @EuroTestWeek or typing @European Testing Week on Facebook

Social media messages

You can download our communication messages here or copy/paste the messages below. 


It’s Spring #EuroTestWeek 15-22 May, we support #HIV #hepatitis #STI service providers who continue to serve their communities during times of crisis. For @EuroTestWeek, we encourage sharing of experiences during #COVID19 to inspire knowledge-sharing bit.ly/2JFe2EJ 

For Spring @EuroTestWeek 15-22 May, let’s continue to advocate to support #hepatitis #HIV #STI services even in times of crisis and share lessons learned in times of #COVID19 #TestTreatPrevent #EuroTestWeek bit.ly/2JFe2EJ 

For Spring @EuroTestWeek 15-22 May, we stand together with everyone working against #COVID19 and we continue to recognise that #HIV #hepatitis #STI services are essential, even in times of crisis. #TestTreatPrevent #EuroTestWeek bit.ly/2JFe2EJ 

For the 2020 Spring @EuroTestWeek, we encourage sharing of experiences in supporting and providing #HIV #hepatitis #STIs services in times of global crisis. #COVID19 #TestTreatPrevent #EuroTestWeek bit.ly/2JFe2EJ 

For the 2020 Spring @EuroTestWeek 15-22 May, we stand together to:
Support the response to #COVID19
Support #hepatitis #HIV #STI services during and after the crisis
Share experiences to inspire and encourage others
Support equitable access to prevention, testing & care


For Spring @European Testing Week 15-22 May 2020, let’s use the week to unite and support #HIV #hepatitis and #STI service providers and share lessons learned in how to sustain these services during times of global crisis.

To learn more about Spring #EuroTestWeek, visit https://bit.ly/2JFe2EJ #TestTreatPrevent


For this Spring #EuroTestWeek 15-22 May 2020, we stand in solidarity with those working on the frontlines of the #COVID19 pandemic and recognise that many organisations will face uncertainty after the crisis is resolved. Let’s use the 2020 Spring @European Testing Week to acknowledge that HIV, viral hepatitis and STI prevention, testing, care and support services are essential services, must continue to be supported and we must all unite to use and share our diverse expertise, experiences and lessons learned to support efforts against COVID-19.

To learn more about Spring ETW, visit https://bit.ly/2JFe2EJ #TestTreatPrevent

Examples of adapted services

Below are some examples of how organisations have responded to the global crisis. This list is frequently being updated and we welcome submissions of examples (links, images, activities, etc) on how your organisation has adapted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Email us at eurotest.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk

  • SX - Sex Health Wellbeing for Gay & Bisexual Men (Scotland): Information, advice and support via their website, phone, text, email and apps on any aspect of the physical, mental or sexual health and wellbeing + advice on substance use. 
  • AIDS-Fondet (Denmark): Extended help hotline hours; support via phone and email; alternative option for information on sexual health to relieve work load on general practioners. 
  • HIV Ireland (Ireland): Developed a database of public sexual health services in Ireland that are open during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Drugreporter (Europe): Created a page dedicated to collecting examples of harm reduction service providers during the the global pandemic.
  • Choices Support Center (Netherlands): After recent reports of GHB overdoses at private house parties during the pandemic, Choices launched a video series to inform on how to respond and prevent fatalities. 
  • Correlation - European Harm Reduction Network (Europe): Created a collection of experiences on providing harm reduction services during COVID-19
  • Asocijacija DUGA/Association RAINBOW (Serbia): Appointment-based counseling and testing with provided protective equipment for staff and clients in accordance to government recommendations; provided social support services including basic food, hygiene products and humanitarian assistance for vulnerable populations in their community. 



COVID-19 Resources and statements (Frequently updated)

COVID-19 in Europe (ECDC | WHO Europe)

COVID-19: Operational guidance for maintaining essential health services during an outbreak (WHO HQ)

COVID-19 European Commission response

COVID-19 and people who use drugs (UNODC | EMCDDA | Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network | INPUD)

COVID-19 and the liver (EASL | EASL-ESCMID)

COVID-19 and people living with HIV (EACS | UNAIDS | IAS)

COVID-19 and people experiencing homelessness (FEANTSA)

COVID-19 and sex workers (ICRSE)

COVID-19 and people in prisons and other closed settings (WHO Europe)


If you have any questions or would like to share other resources, tools, guidance, statements, etc, please email the ETW secretariat at eurotest.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk