Owen Mumford Promotion 2019


For participating partners of European Testing Week (in UK, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland), a special offer is available from Owen Mumford Ltd.

Simplitude™ Pro HIV (Rapid Diagnostic Test)



FREE HIV testing kits on a first-come-first serve basis to ETW participants with a commitment to provide Owen Mumford with feedback. This offer is to organisations participating in European Testing Week, in the following countries: UK, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Simplitude™ Pro is the world’s first professional use rapid diagnostic test with a built-in safety lancet, blood collection unit, and test strip. The design helps to simplify the HIV screening process, and to provide a better testing experience for both the healthcare professional and the person being tested. It is a third generation antibody test for HIV 1 & 2.


The Simplitude Pro HIV device has been designed to be easy to use in the non-clinical setting, and deliver a reliable result, for overall confidence in giving the right diagnosis. The reasons this device should be considered are:

  • Built in components simplify the sampling and performing test steps in the correct order
  • A built-in safety lancet for a finger prick
  • The device only requires a small volume of blood (15ul)
  • A blood collection tube enables you to collect the exact amount of blood needed to run the test
  • Provides a reliable result within 15 minutes; with 99.6% Sensitivity and 99.6% Specificity

A pack contains:

20 foil sealed devices, 3 bottles of buffer solution and instructions for use.

For more information on Simplitude Pro, visit their website here




To watch the SimplitudePro How to use animation, click here



The offer of free HIV POC tests for professional use is open to all organisations (in the eligible countries) that will be actively involved in testing during #EuroTestWeek 2019.  This is open to multiple organisations in the same country. Where possible, we will provide training and reiterate that the offer is made on a first-come-first served basis.


There will be no charge for shipping however the time for shipping may vary depending on location.



Who is eligible:

Partners located in UK, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland who are actively involved in testing, and must be able to commit to the completion and return product feedback forms which gather information on the acceptability and ease of use of the device.


In order to participate:









The promotion has now ended. Thank you to Owen Mumford for your support. 

Owen Mumford in a UK based company that has been at the forefront of medical device innovation for over 60 years, creating solutions that improve the delivery of healthcare and home health treatments for people around the world. We have a strong history of world-class research, design expertise, and engineering excellence, and their medical devices are intended to improve lives and reduce healthcare costs.

Their products span devices that make blood testing more comfortable, to solutions that make it easier to administer life-saving medication. Their devices are used and recommended by hospitals, medical centres and by healthcare practitioners around the world.

You can visit the Owen Mumford website to find out more: https://www.owenmumford.com/en/about/

And about their product ranges: https://www.owenmumford.com/en/healthcare-professionals/

Owen Mumford is an official sponsor of the European Testing Week initiative

Please note: The EuroTEST/European Testing Week secretariats are not involved with the distribution/coordination process for products through these promotional offers. For all inquiries, please refer to the designated contact person at the respective organisation.